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So over the last month I've been very busy helping out Hackaday in preparation for the announcement of The Hackaday Prize. During the lead up to the announcement we wanted to build some suspense at Hackaday so we started releasing a series of space themed puzzles over all over April. Every week we posted a […]

In many real-world applications,  "Signals" are typically recorded and represented as time dependent functions. For example, we can record the daily trading price in the stock market, or measuring the hourly temperature in Los Angeles. In order to extract meaningful characteristics of the data, many different transforms have developed to decompose the data into simpler […]

Our latest product,, is now finally available for anyone to use. After a few months in private beta we feel ready to let the world see what we've been playing with. Here's a quote from the going live post on the blog. We think datasheets suck. Plain and simple this is a format […]

If you have been following LA tech scene lately - you might have noticed a lot of activity around Hadoop ecosystem & related projects.  While it's easy to discredit this as just a reflection of omnipresent buzz around "Big Data" and "Data Science" one can argue that in this environment - it's much more than […]

We're proud to announce that this year we're sponsoring the Open source hardware summit! This is a new move for us as we haven't sponsored an event like this before, but since we're getting more involved in the Open Hardware scene we thought it would be a great place to go and meet more members […]