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At the beginning of March every year, tech hordes from all over the world flee to Austin in order to spend couple of days at the city-wide circus called South by Southwest. Even though the festival is getting bigger and bigger every year and definitely loosing a bit of it's "cool" it's still worth a […]

AWS EC2 Reserved Instances sound like a great idea. You spend a lot with EC2, keep instances running for a long time and have predictable workloads throughout the year ? Reserved Instances to the rescue ! You pay a flat reservation fee upfront and reap the benefit of reduced computing cost over time. All sounds […]

No project launch is complete without a making-of video. So here it goes ... Datasheet.net Demo Video - Making of from Supplyframe on Vimeo.

If you have been following LA tech scene lately - you might have noticed a lot of activity around Hadoop ecosystem & related projects.  While it's easy to discredit this as just a reflection of omnipresent buzz around "Big Data" and "Data Science" one can argue that in this environment - it's much more than […]

Last couple of days we have been goofing around with different design ideas for new supplyframe t-shirt and here is what we finally came up with Hope the great W. Shockley will forgive us for canibalising such an awesome hack 🙂

On our recent trip to China, we were lucky enough to get the chance to visit one of local Hackerspaces in Shanghai. The place is called Xinchejian and it looks like something straight off William Gibson novel. Tons of cardboard boxes, tiny robots scattered all over the place, art pieces, 3d printers, hydroponics hacks (?) ... […]

This year, few of us visited Open Hardware Summit at MIT and got the chance to show some of our efforts in making datasheet content more accessible and fun to use. Project is currently hosted at beta.datasheet.net and is written by Ben Delarre, a "man who hates datasheets" (and is committed to making them better). […]

Ad-hoc measurement of page load times across multiple web servers can be a drag. Quite often you end up with a number of screen windows doing bash timed curl loops with file redirects and some grep/awk magic. This tends to work OK until you need to get a bit more sophisticated, for example - compare […]

After a lot of procrastination, we have finally decided to get our hands dirty and start building a in-house hacklab. Why ? Because it's fun ! We also think we have some great ideas we want to build in our spare time. For now it's mostly about goofing around. Check out some photos from day #1: Stay […]