If you have been following LA tech scene lately - you might have noticed a lot of activity around Hadoop ecosystem & related projects.  While it's easy to discredit this as just a reflection of omnipresent buzz around "Big Data" and "Data Science" one can argue that in this environment - it's much more than just that. Area's traditional focus on "hard science", both in industry and academia seems to have given the community quite an edge - when talking Data Science there is a lot more appreciation for actual research topics (rather than just black box tools) and when talking Distributed Systems - a huge passion for 'exotic' subjects such as Haskell and Clojure.

Big Data Camp LA 2013 will be the key event of the season bringing different sides of this community together. SupplyFrame is one of the sponsors and a bunch of our engineers will be attending. We have our fair share of challenges, experiences and ideas in this space and if you're the same way, we would love to chat ! That's what unconferences are for.

See you at #BigDataCampLA !