Our latest product, Datasheet.net, is now finally available for anyone to use. After a few months in private beta we feel ready to let the world see what we've been playing with. Here's a quote from the going live post on the Datasheet.net blog.

We think datasheets suck. Plain and simple this is a format that hasn’t changed since the invention of the PDF. We’re trying to change that, trying to make datasheets a ‘live’ document, something that actually helps make our lives as engineers better. In the long term this means us working closely with manufacturers to help improve the datasheet format, we’re not sure where this leads yet but its something we’re working towards.

But changing the way manufacturers work is a long and slow road, so in the meantime as a first step we’ve put together some useful features on top of datasheets as they currently stand.

We'll be promoting the project more over the coming weeks, and hopefully extending it to support all manner of new features and cool things. But for now signup to Datasheet.net to start making datasheets a little bit better!