So over the last month I've been very busy helping out Hackaday in preparation for the announcement of The Hackaday Prize.

During the lead up to the announcement we wanted to build some suspense at Hackaday so we started releasing a series of space themed puzzles over all over April. Every week we posted a new puzzle, starting with Transmission #01 which was released on April 1st.

These went down very well and in all we had a few hundred people participate in trying to solve them, much fun was had and an amazing display of ingenuity, persistence and downright evil genius was shown by the Hackaday community at large.

Since we've been asked a fair number of questions about why we did this and how we put it together I've started a series of articles over at Hackaday documenting the event. You can checkout the first on Hackaday Space : Transmission 1 now.