A Visit to Shanghai Hackerspace

Category: hacklab

On our recent trip to China, we were lucky enough to get the chance to visit one of local Hackerspaces in Shanghai. The place is called Xinchejian and it looks like something straight off William Gibson novel. Tons of cardboard boxes, tiny robots scattered all over the place, art pieces, 3d printers, hydroponics hacks (?) ... […]

For the past couple of months I've been working on an art project for a certain dusty art festival this year. We're building an 18ft diameter geodesic dome with hundreds of LEDs lighting up a cover to make lots of triangles of color. Inside we'll be having a 3 foot wide multi-touch dome surface that […]

We recently got a Makerbot Replicator Dual, we've had a lot of fun printing little chotskies and cases for raspberry pi and arduino unos. But we thought it was time we did something a little bit more involved. One thing we printed early on was this fantastic 3d model of the classic Joy Division Unknown Pleasures […]

After graduating from Soldering 101, I quickly became addicted to the smell of solder — which is kind of like a mix of wet newspaper and wet dog. Given that explanation the addiction makes little sense, but those of you who are likewise afflicted will understand. Anyway, I fired up another DIY audio kit though […]

So, I'm the guy from Marketing. I've never heard of a film capacitor (is it anything like a flux capacitor?) and to me "resistance" is the thing that keeps shoppers from clicking "Add to Cart". But Ben was kind enough to offer a course in soldering that even I could understand. After going over the […]

We're having a lot of fun getting up and running with our Hacklab. None of us are professional electronics engineers, so we weren't really sure what we needed. I myself have built a few electronics projects in the past, but never really had the opportunity to setup a dedicated lab. My work has always been […]

After a lot of procrastination, we have finally decided to get our hands dirty and start building a in-house hacklab. Why ? Because it's fun ! We also think we have some great ideas we want to build in our spare time. For now it's mostly about goofing around. Check out some photos from day #1: Stay […]

This is the first post in hopefully a soon to be long line of posts on the SupplyFrame Engineering Blog. Here we'll be documenting our adventures in our shiny new Electronics Lab and hopefully blogging a little bit about the work we do here and the things that interest us. Stick around, it may be […]