Building the Diodome...

Tag: hacklab

For the past couple of months I've been working on an art project for a certain dusty art festival this year. We're building an 18ft diameter geodesic dome with hundreds of LEDs lighting up a cover to make lots of triangles of color. Inside we'll be having a 3 foot wide multi-touch dome surface that […]

We're having a lot of fun getting up and running with our Hacklab. None of us are professional electronics engineers, so we weren't really sure what we needed. I myself have built a few electronics projects in the past, but never really had the opportunity to setup a dedicated lab. My work has always been […]

This is the first post in hopefully a soon to be long line of posts on the SupplyFrame Engineering Blog. Here we'll be documenting our adventures in our shiny new Electronics Lab and hopefully blogging a little bit about the work we do here and the things that interest us. Stick around, it may be […]