At the beginning of March every year, tech hordes from all over the world flee to Austin in order to spend couple of days at the city-wide circus called South by Southwest. Even though the festival is getting bigger and bigger every year and definitely loosing a bit of it's "cool" it's still worth a visit. So a bunch of us have packed our bags and decided to swap sunny Pasadena and it's 80F for a rainy Austin in the low 40s (not something you would expect in Texas). Bad weather aside, we had so much fun!

On Sunday, March 9, we gave a talk at SXSW StageTwo along with a number of awesome hardware startups and tech journalists about our mission to organize the world of engineering knowledge and how it might be relevant to everyone designing new hardware products.

We also got to spend some time at SXSW Create event, dedicated to maker/hacker culture and talk with a number of interesting engineers. The part we were most impressed were Internet of Things projects in unexpected areas such as agriculture, data they're starting to generate and all the possible "big data" problems that will come out of instrumenting the real-world in the same way we have been instrumenting the Web.

For more details you can check out our coverage of the event at Hackaday.

Hackaday at SXSW Create - part #1 from Supplyframe on Vimeo.

Now we all know that us Computer Scientists are suckers for Cyberpunk, so when we realized that MIT Media Lab was hosting a series of events dedicated to sci-fi inspired hardware and the future of making, they couldn't get us out of the room. We also did a coverage of demos of works from Media Lab SciFi2SciFab class you can read all about on Hackaday.

Remembering the Future - Hackaday at SXSW part 2 from Supplyframe on Vimeo.

For a list of all other hardware-related events that were talking place at SXSW check out the SXSW 2014 Hardware Guide.